SPISurvey Report:Males are more inclined towards well-known brands than females.

・SPI Original Survey, conducted in numerous countries around the world.
・CCS2012= 6,000 samples in Japan / investigated according to prefecture.

【Survey in March 2013】Males are more inclined towards well-known brands than females.

This time we carried out a survey on people who have “brand loyalty” and like products from well-known brands, pertaining to their sex and age groups and their Media-habit/Lifestyle/Hobby using CCS2012 (Only Japan)
*Definition of a Person who has “brand loyalty”
…Questions=Samples who answered “YES” to BOTH of the following questions,“I only buy well-known brands” and “I often pay more for good quality”

1, Analysis according to sex and age group
As for both Male and Female, relatively young generations (15-39 year-olds) tend to have more “brand loyalty” than the 40-64 year-old group.
It was also found that Males tend to have more “brand loyalty” than Females.


2, AnalysAnalysis of cause of the differences between Males and Females

201303_2.png In general, Men tend not to like spending lot of time shopping. This is because that they “decide what they need to buy” before they go shopping, and actually buy only “what they wrote on their “list”. This might make their shopping time short and also narrow the width of their choices area, and they buy “well-known brands for good quality” even if they are expensive.

3, Sense of value, consumption behavior
The Characteristics below appeared when we compared all samples to those with “brand loyalty”
・Very attention-seeking, like to lead others
・Active and sociable
・Easy to come under the influence of those around the person
・Fashion-conscious, always desiring to be considered trendy
・Spending money on parts they are particular about


4, Media contact situation by sex
4-1, Average contact time by media

201303_4.png Females who have “brand loyalty” contact paper medium twice longer than ALL Female samples. Males who have “brand loyalty” use the Internet on their mobile phones much

4-2, Detail of media contact situation of those who have “brand loyalty” by sex

201303_5.png The summary of this analysis is as follows: 201303_6.png

Shiro Kokue
Senior consultant

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