SPISurvey Report:Reality of Japanese and SNS [Ⅰ]

・SPI Original Survey, conducted in each country around the world.
・CCS2012= 6,000 samples in Japan / investigated according to prefectures.

【Survey in April 2013】Reality of Japanese and SNS [Ⅰ]

1, Frequency in use
Question:How often do you use internet for following activities?
*SNS(mixi, facebook,etc.)
*Never / At least once a month or less / At least once a week / Every day or most days

The Graph of female is as follows,

As a whole females, there are around one-third people who use SNS almost every day, while those who do not use SNS at all exceeds more than 40%, which means the difference between those who use SNS and those who do not. Seen by age group, people who “never use internet foe SNS” increases drastically as age rises, and in age group of over her 50’, more than half of people answered “Never uses.” After all, it was found that younger generation is likely to feel similarity to SNS and use it more often than older ones.

The graph of male is as follows,

Compared with Female total, male total has almost the same percentage of “Never use” as female total has. However, the ratio of those who“do not use SNS everyday but sometimes do”(=those who answered “at least once a month or less” or “at least once a week” is larger than female total.(Male total 33%vs Female total 26%)
Seen by age groups, the arrow, which displays the rate of increase, rises more gently than the one in the graph of female, which shows that there seems no sudden difference between age groups in terms of use frequency. In his 20~40s, there seems little difference of use frequency, and this is clearly different from female trend.

2, SNS Consumption hours
Question:Thinking about your average WEEKDAY or WEEKEND day, how many hours do you spend on each following media in a day ?
*Social networking(e.g. using Facebook)on any device
*Do not do this on a weekday / weekend ~8+hours
※analyzed in total hours per week.

Please refer to the results in the following graphs.


The whole proportion is almost the same both in Male and Female. As for both of male and female, people who answered “Never” consists one-third of all, while those who spend “less than 1 hour in a day” is the most, and “7~15hours” is 2nd . There are only little number of male and female who spend more than 50 hours per week, which means they spend more than 7 hours on SNS in a day. Surprisingly, they spend more than one-4th of the day on SNS.

In addition, the breakdown according to sex and age groups is the graph shown below.

201304_4.png 201304_5.png

3、Activities in SNS Question:How often do you do each of these activities on SNS?
*Never~Everyday / Mostdays
*Focused on the samples who answered “Everyday / Mostdays”.

201304_6.png There was no seen big difference between male and female in daily SNS activities.
Ranking of best3 is listed below.

4、Habit and sense of value in SNS Question:Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each of statements?
*Focused on the samples who answered “strongly agree” or “agree”
*Looked up by age groups, 15-29year-old, 30-40s, 50-60s and by sex

201304_8.png 201304_9.png In both of male and female, 15-29group shows the highest percentages in the most statements. It could be assumed that penetration of smartphone and tablet made internet a part of life, and SNS spreads as a more familiar tool into this young generation.

Please refer to the graph below, which is focused on 15-29 groups, by sex.

201304_10.png As it is mentioned before, both male and female have high percentage of “ I would be lost without my social networks”, and also high in “Comfortable getting ads on SNS based activities do there” (Female 63%, Male 52%), which shows high interest in Ads in SNS. Clear difference was seen in the statement, “Prefer playing video games than other form of entertainment” (Female 122%, Male 192%) .
It could be said that this 15-29 year-old group is close related to SNS in daily life.

For the next newsletter, as a second series, we’d like to dig down the relationship between this young generation and SNS, and extend an area of survey to Ads and consumer activity, using SCS.

Shiro Kokue: Senior consultant
Ayumi Watanabe: Assistant analyst

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