SPISurvey Report:Reality of Japanese and SNS [Ⅱ]

・SPI Original Survey, conducted in each country around the world.
・CCS2012= 6,000 samples in Japan / investigated according to prefectures.

【Survey in May 2013】Reality of Japanese and SNS [Ⅱ]

1, Annual comparison of SNS consumption hour
*Question:Thinking about your average WEEKDAY and WEEKEND day, how many hours do you spend on following each media in a day?
…Social networking(e.g. Facebook )on any device

*Definition of each user(by total hours spend in a week)
・Never=0 hour
・Light user=Under 7 hours(within 1 hour per day)
・Middle user=more than7hours within 20hours(within 2.8 hours per day)
・Heavy user=more than 20 hours(more than 2.8 hours per day)
201305_1.png As you can see, while those who ”never use SNS” decreases 17%, those who “use SNS” increase 20%, compared to 2012.
Light user increased about 8%, each of Middle and Heavy user increased about 4%.
It is able to see that every user group intends to increase steadily, especially in “Heavy user”, which increases by more than twice(3%→7%).

2-1, Analysis of “SNS addict”
*Definition of “ SNS addict group”:Question “ I would be lost without my social networks”
→The samples who answered “YES”(agree)

**Considered the sample who answered “NO” (disagree)as a “Non-SNS addict group”

2-1, Lifestyle, sense of value 201305_2.png You can image a personality who is very sociable and active from high percentage of answer to questions above, such as “I try to fit as much into my day as possible.”, “I probably have more friends than most people.”, “I am actively involved in local community issues/events.” ,“I always have fun at parties.” Furthermore, it seems a person who has a very sharp sense toward new things from “I buy the newest fashion brands and styles available.”, “I always like to try new brands.”, “I consider myself an expert when it comes to new technology.”, “I consider myself to be a very stylish person.” At the same time, it is also able to image a personality who can spend money without hesitating especially on beauty and self-investment probably because they care about their appearance.
It is also an important point how much ads or brand images participate in when they purchase something, and it seems that “SNS addict” group is especially influenced by these ads and brand images.

The graph below is about the place where “ SNS addict” group often visit.
Question:How often do you visit the following places?
Answer:More than Once in a week 201305_3.png “SNS addict” group goes to hair or beauty salons more often than “Non-SNS addict” group. Because compared to “Non-SNS addict” group, it is more important for ”SNS addict” group to be stylish and at the leading edge of fashion, higher percentages are seen in hair or beauty salon, and gym.

2-3、 “SNS addict” group’s interest in advertisement
Question: How much do you agree with following statements about OOH?
Answer: YES
201305_4.png “SNS addict” group reacts to OOH more sensitively than “Non-SNS addict” group. More than a half of people answered AGREE to statement “Poster/billboard ads make my journey more interesting”.

Then, what is the most interesting advertisement for “SNS addict” group?

201305_5.png “Music”, “Mobile phones” and “Beauty / Personal grooming” are 2~3 times higher, compared to “Non-SNS addict” group, which shows the characteristics of “ SNS addict” group. It could be said the interest peculiar to “SNS addict” group, who is more sensitive to fashion and an appearance and always wants to lead others.

Shiro Kokue: Senior consultant
Ayumi Watanabe: Assistant analyst

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