Forecast of Advertisement expenditures in 2014

Forecast of Advertisement expenditures in 2014

SPI, which encourages “optimizing marketing ROI” and “achieving transparency / accountability”, forecasted Advertisement expenditures in 2014.

Content of forecast:
1, Advertisement expenditures by media
 <<<analyzed by economic conditions, media power and media buying-costs
2, Advertisement expenditure including all media in total
 <<<Result of expenditures by media (1)、economic conditions and total advertisement effectiveness/efficiency

*Data or information used for analysis are as follows:
1, Advertisement expenditure trends in the past
…for correlation analysis with each of other factors
2, Economic indicators (e.g. GDP)
…for correlation analysis with advertisement expenditures
3, Media consumption habits
…”SCS” which is SPI’s original consumer media habit research
…to reflect media habit trends into analysis for each advertisement expenditure
4, Trend of market average cost benchmark by each media
…referring to SPI’s original media cost datapool


Key issues in 2014 for advertisers are as follows:
…Keeping the efficiency of TV-terrestrial under the gradual decrease of TV ratings
…Considering usage of Internet and TV:BSCS more effectively/correctly in a media mix

SPI does media ROI analysis, media planning and media auditing with the latest, unique database & methodology (e.g. objectively monitored BS&MX-rating as daily based), contributing to achievement of optimization of marketing ROI and accountability.
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Shiro Kokue
Senior consultant

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