Analysis report for common sense in media ~ PT share%

SPI reported on the analysis for “common sense in media”, to reconsider the “significant point”.

This time we focused on“PT share%”, which is normally regarded as important when buying TV media.

*Definition of PT share%
PT (=Participation) is the one of type of TVSpot, which is aired in Program 1, SB (Station-Break) is aired between different programs.
PT share% is calculated by PT GRP / Total GRP.


1, TV rating difference
PT has a higher TV rating than SB in all TVSpots.
201407_2.png However, TVSpot buying is based on GRP (=TV rating) , therefore, advertisers pay higher costs for PT than SB.
In this sense, it is still doubtful from the perspective of cost-efficiency.

2, GRP-achievement%
PT has a higher value than SB in GRP-achievement vs Plan (=buying), therefore, we can say PT share% is very important in terms of cost performance. 201407_3.png

*why PT has a higher GRP-achievement than SB

(1)PT has less possibility to move from planned on air time.

(2)PT has less possibility to refer “irregular “Planned GRP””.


PT is aired during 1 program contents, when audiences with concentrated attention watch TV, and this will lead audiences to pay more attention to TVCMs.
SB is on air between two different programs, when relatively few audiences watch TV with a high rate of attention, and this will lead audiences to TVCMs with less attention compared to PT.

From these reasons, SPI understands that PT share% is important in improving TVSpot performance.


Shiro Kokue
Senior consultant

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