August 2015 Issue: Report on Seminar: BS & TOKYO MXTV

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SPI, a pioneer of strategic/statistical media planning/analysis and the media buying audit sector in Japan, encouraging optimization of marketing ROI and the achievement of transparency / accountability, held a seminar on on BS and TOKYO MXTV at the office of CM Souken Co., Ltd on 30 July 2015. As there were over a hundred registrants, the same content was covered on each of the two dates.

While television, still the most significant mass communication tool, has been losing its influence on audiences, BS and TOKYO MXTV have been getting more and more attention for their original media strategies which have enabled them to play a role in compensating for the weakened presence of the five Tokyo terrestrial television networks.

Via the seminar, we presented:

  • The potential BS and TOKYO MXTV have amongst the five Tokyo terrestrial television networks
  • General efficiency estimate
  • Effective media planning and how to utilize the plans

The seminar took place in an entirely closed environment to properly protect the confidentiality of our unique data and analyses.

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Shiro Kokue (Senior Consultant)
Ayumi Watanabe (Assistant PR Manager)

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