July 2017 Issue: Establishment of SPI Interactive Professional Digital Company

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SPI has established SPI Interactive, a wholly owned subsidiary company focusing on digital media consultation & auditing.

SPI is a pioneer of strategic/statistical media planning/analysis and a pioneer in the media buying audit sector in Japan, encouraging optimization of marketing ROI and achievement of transparency / accountability of media planning & buying in Japan.

Having faced ever increasing needs in the digital media field such as 1) Transparency, 2) Independency & Objectivity in Data Management and 3) Education & Knowledge Development, SPI has decided to found a professional digital media consultation & auditing company with a uniquely independent / objective standpoint. Takahiro Doi, a specialist in digital media, has assumed the position of CEO.

SPI has encouraged / strengthened the improvement of digital media buying from the perspective of both cost performance & transparency, ensuring the safety & objectivity of data-management while promoting the education & knowledge development of digital marketing teams amongst advertisers.

SPI strongly believes we will be further able to contribute our very enriched & specialized knowledge to our clients via collaboration with SPI Interactive.

SPI Interactive
■ Address: Iwanami Shoten Hitotshubashi Bldg Bekkan, 7F, 2-4-4 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0003 Japan
■ CEO: Takahiro Doi
■ Foundation: June 1st, 2017
■ Services:

  • Digital Media Audit
    -Media Effectiveness/Efficiency Audit, Operating Process & Cost Transparency and Agency Evaluation
  • Data Management:
    -Data Management Consultancy, Platform Implementation, Data Collection, Data Analysis and Insights
  • Knowledge Development:
    -Knowledge Cloud, Advertising Intelligence, Understanding Media Transaction, Digital Risk & Compliance
  • Advanced Solutions:
    -Strike Social, Social Advertising Software & Management
    -Spongecell, Smarter Dynamic Creative,

■ CEO Profile: After graduating university, Takahiro worked for a major POS system company as a programmer. Sensing a need to do something larger, he founded an independent digital agency with a focus on finding unique ways to improve client ROI. The venture made an impact, and was soon acquired via capital tie-up with Aegis Media, a UK based agency group in 2012, becoming the Japan branch of the world’s largest digital agency group, iProspect. After Dentsu’s acquisition of Aegis Media, iProspect Japan served a significant role in Dentsu group strategic digital media management and he served as CEO until March 2017. With his eyes on the horizon, he took a new role and came onboard SPI Interactive in June 2017 as CEO.

Please join SPI in extending a warm welcome to our newest partner, SPI Interactive, and its CEO Mr Takahiro Doi.

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Shiro Kokue,
Senior Consultant
Ai Ono,
Junior Analyst

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