July 2017 Issue: Report: Follow-up Seminar for Graduate of “JAA Practical Advertising Course”

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SPI, a pioneer of strategic/statistical media planning/analysis and the media buying audit sector in Japan, encouraging optimization of marketing ROI and the achievement of transparency / accountability, lectured on the following seminar in JAA (Japan Advertising Associations).

Theme: “Media Planning, Transparency and Noted points of Transaction of Digital AD”
Dates: July 7, 2017

Considering the great amount of advertising cost within the huge budget for marketing, SPI lectured on the points to be noted to use media more effectively, and on the transparency of digital AD and noted points when buying.

The seminar took place in a closed environment with small groups of attendees to properly protect the confidentiality of our unique data and analyses.

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Shiro Kokue (Senior Consultant)
Ayumi Watanabe (Assistant PR Manager)

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