SPI Interactive Promotes “strikesocial” as an Optimization for Streaming Ads
on YouTube Japan

SPI, a pioneer of strategic/statistical media planning/analysis & Media buying audit sector in Japan,
encouraging ‘optimizing marketing ROI’ and ‘achieving transparency / accountability,’ has been promoting strikesocial as an optimization for streaming ads on YouTube in Japan via our Web / digital media specialist company SPI Interactive, a 100% subsidiary of SPI.


strikesocial, a tool/tech vendor optimizing streaming ads on social media, has already introduced and contributed to the successes of many advertisers around the globe.
strikesocial provides a strong and effective performance in improving streaming ads on YouTube Japan by optimizing CPV (cost per view).
SPI also believes that the collaboration between SPI Interactive and strikesocial will support advertisers in directly managing YouTube and SNS.

The details:

  • YouTube has become the top player in streaming / movie platforms on Web / digital media, indispensable for advertisers who would like to use streaming / movie ads in Japan
  • On the other hand, there are still issues which should be tackled by advertisers on Web / digital media including YouTube:
    • Lack of transparency, especially in Japan
    • Difficulty in optimization mostly due to structural problems with operators (working time limitations, labor costs, etc.,), and agency commission payment requirements
  • What is strikesocial?
    • The only firm to guarantee CPV (cost per view) actual in the world (as of November Y2018)
    • Continuously optimizing ads by operators from several locations in the world
    • Already introduced by many advertisers outside of Japan, now also by Japanese advertisers
    • 100% transparency
    • No risk to introduce
  • Why SPI Interactive?
    • Provides this solution from an objective / neutral standpoint
    • Whole web / digital media planning with a professional / objective viewpoint is deliverable whenever advertisers have needs to be met


Please contact SPI if you would like to optimize streaming ads on YouTube.

Shiro Kokue: Partner / Senior consultant
Ayumi Watanabe: Senior analyst
Ai Ono: Analyst
Aimi Kobayashi: Assistant analyst
Takahiro Doi: CEO of SPI Interactive

Please contact us with questions or for more detailed information.


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