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Deloitte Tohmatsu SPI Co., Ltd. is Japan’s premiere marketing communications consultancy.

We are a unique group of consultants in the world; our mission is Optimizing Marketing Communications, and our Media Audit has the longest history and experience in the Japanese market, having been created along with our company in 1995.

We are members of the Japan Advertisers Association and Japan Marketing Association.

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Marketing Consulting Solution

Marketing Consulting Solution

SPI provides support in developing effective/efficient marketing strategies. SPI also provides marketing ROI analysis of consumer purchase process models with cutting-edge techniques and methodologies.

  • Development of communication strategies
  • Communication planning proposalsmedia mix plans, setting KPI/KGI, modeling, simulation
  • Verification / evaluation of communication plansreviewing marketing results
  • Providing dataconsumer survey data, competition volume data, etc.

Marketing Consulting Analysis

Marketing Consulting Analysis

We maintain objectivity as an independent third party, analyzing various marketing data and abundant original data using advanced statistical analysis methods and specialized tools. We pursue optimization of and transparency in advertising investments.

  • Media audit Validating each media price by comparison with our own advertising market average price data (SPIINDEX®) For TV advertising in particular, we improve efficiency and achievement rates, encourage number analyses, select TV stations and propose price and quality optimization.
  • Establishment and evaluation of advertising agencies Selecting an advertising agency, evaluating performance, improving contract details
  • Media mix analysesAnalyzing ROI, building a marketing mix model
  • Verification of advertising (PR) effectiveness
  • Overseas surveysAdvertising volume ranking the media situation by country such as via consumer survey databases

System Consulting

System Consulting

SPI combines marketing with IT to build a consistent marketing system from requirement definitions to development and implementation to help maximize marketing value.

  • Building a marketing system
  • Building a marketing dashboard

Big data analyses

Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting

We will improve the marketing capabilities of companies while correctly evaluating and analyzing strategies, technologies, execution capabilities, and human resources. We will help optimize all your business opportunities